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Nammoon district of the Busan Jinhae Free Economic Zone (BJFEZ)

The Nammoon Foreign Investment Zone is your committed partner for success.


Nammun Foreign Investment Industrial Complex(Parts & Materials Complex)101,609㎡View larger images

  • Incentive: reduction of taxes such as income tax, corporation tax, property tax, customs duty and affordable rent
  • Eligibility: a joint venture with over 30% foreign investment or an independent investment company
  • Industries: mechatronics, shipbuilding, automobile parts, and other manufacturing
  • Rental period: 50 years (contracts are renewable every 10 years)
  • Moved-in companies: Three companies - Tsubakimoto Automotive Korea (Japan), Danfoss Korea (Denmark) and Toko Takaoka Korea (Japan)

Inquiry : +82-51-979-5263