Development Plan

  • To secure large scale container terminals and freight-handling space
  • To establish multimodal transportation system
  • To invite logistics and manufacturing companies of high added-value and thus to enhance the New Port’s logistics competitiveness.

Investment Competitiveness

  • Located right behind the Busan New Port along major trunk routes going to Europe and North America.
  • Connectivity by securing more than 300 regular services.
  • Well-built Land-Sea-Air transportation system by diversified background transportation facilities such as hinterland road, railroad and Airport.
  • Competitive rental rate(32 ~ 483 Korean Won㎡/month)
    * Differential rate depending on the type of business and the amount of foreign direct investment.
  • Long term leases (30 + 20years) through competitive bid
  • Various incentives to tenants by designation of the port hinterland as “Free Tree Zone(FTZ)”

Investment Area: Northern/Southern hinterland, and Ungdong hinterland

Investment Area: Ungdong Port Hinterland(3.57㎢, 2011-2015), The Northern Port Hinterland(1,2㎢, 2005-2010), The Southern Port Hinterland(1.42㎢, 2015~)View larger images

The Newport hinterland development plan by phase

Current status of the Northern Port Hinterland

Current status of the Northern Port Hinterland
Classification Completion of
Site Preparation
Total Area /
Lease Area
Companies in Operation
Stage 1 2005. 6 64,997㎡/51,879㎡
2 companies: BIDC, CFS
Stage 2 2006. 12 424,488㎡/366,677㎡
7 companies: Dongbang ,Korea Express, BND, FCL, Sebang,
Stage 3 2008. 12 493,896㎡/367,163㎡
10 companies: Hanjin Kerry Logistics, DKLC, MS Distripark,
Beomhan Pantos, etc.
Stage 4 2010. 12 220,822㎡/204,546㎡
8 companies selected: Fuji Global Distribution Center, SI Logistics,
Hanjin Shipping Consortium, Bogo COLD, SW International, etc.

The Southern Port Hinterland – To start in 2015

Current Status of Ungdong Port Hinterland

  • Ungdong Port Hinterland (1 stage)
    • Area: 2,486 thousand㎡ (614.3039ac)
      • Stage 1-1 (Developed by Government): ‘09. 6. 26 construction started, 1,157thousand㎡ (285.9009ac)
      • Stage 1-2 (Developed by BPA): ‘09. 8. 01 construction started, 1,329thousand㎡ (328.4030ac)
    • Project Period: 2009~2013
    • Project Cost: About 621.2 billion Korean Won

Selection of port hinterland tenants

  • Lease method: Long term lease through competitive bids (Selecting Organization: Busan Port Authority)
  • Lease period: 30 years with additional 20 years of extension
  • Selection: Entrusted to Evaluation Committee to ensure objectivity and fairness.
    • Criteria and additional points: A comprehensive evaluation of business capability, operation plan, construction plan with emphasis on capability of attracting cargos
    • When MOU has been signed with relevant authorities, additional points (+3) will be given.
    • Depending on the foreign investment ratio, additional points (+1 ~ +5) will be given.
    • Manufacturing companies whose exports exceeded 50% of their annual turnover for the previous year can obtain 5 additional points.
  • Move-in Procedure
    • Notice of invitation for the lease → Submission of business plan → Evaluation of the business plan → Selection of priority negotiators → Negotiation and conclusion of contracts
  • Leasing Fee: Differential rate depending on the type of business and the amount of foreign direct investment.
    Leasing Fee: Differential rate depending on the type of business and the amount of foreign direct investment
      Conditions Changed Rent
    New Port Hinterland Basic Lease(manufacturing) 482 KRW/㎡ a month
    Preferential Lease (Logistics) 321 KRW/㎡ a month
    The tenants that have not fulfilled the requirements of the lease 5% of the appraisal value of the land per year
  • Leasing Fee Exemption
    Leasing Fee Exemption
    FDI Over USD 5 Million 50% (For 3 Years)
    FDI Over USD 10 Million 50% (For 5 Years)

Designation of the New Port & Hinterland as “Free Trade Zone(FTZ)”

  • Designation
    • 2004. 12. 31(Ministry of Industry & Resources, Notification 2004-139)
    • 2008. 12. 8 (Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Notification 2008-174)
    • 2009. 9. 3 (Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affair, Announcement of Designation)
  • Name: Busan Port Busan・Jinhae Free Trade Zone
  • Area: 7,967thousand㎡ (1,968.6885ac)