Vast Neighboring Markets

The BJFEZ is strategically located at the center of the Northeast Asia economic bloc. The Northeast Asia includes the leading economies of China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Russia, and comprises 20% of the World's economy, 25% of world population, and 20% or world trade.

The BJFEZ boasts access to Asia's dynamic marketplace in 60 cities with population over 1million within 3-hour flight.

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20% of world GDP / 25% of world Population South Korea China - World's No.1 growing market - World's 2nd largest GDP Japan - World's 3rd largest GDP 700millon people live within a 1,200㎢ radius of the BJFEZ GDP (US$ billions) Korea 14,351 Japan 42,103 China 112,119 Source : IMF (2020) Population (millions) Korea 49 Japan 127 China 1,367 Source : Wikipedia