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Jinhae Free Economic Zone Authority (BJFEZA)

We are poised to realize the world's finest logistics and business hub.

Areas available to move in(Namsan,Sewage Treatment Plant,Ungdong Hinterland 3.58 million ㎡,Western Container Terminal Hinterland,General Pier ,Angol Intersection,Port Hinterland,Yongwon-dong,Northern Container Terminal Hinterland 3.58 million ㎡,Songdo Island,Todo Island)-Note the main content.View larger images

  • Eligibility: A joint venture with over 10% foreign investment or an independent investment company.
  • Industries:
    • (Logistics) Foreign-invested logistics companies
    • (Manufacturer) Foreign-funded or export-led enterprises
    ※ Export portion (50% or more large corporations, 40% or more medium-sized companies, 30% or more small companies)
    ※ Foreign-funded companies: A company that invested 10% or more of shares for the purpose of management participation, and foreign-funded companies with minimum foreign capital of 100 million won
  • Rental: (Manufacturing) 482 won/㎡/month, (Logistics) 321 won/㎡/month
  • Rental Period/Deposit: 30 years (extendable to 20 years), 5,150 won/㎡

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