Development Plan

  • Development of a port to become the hub of international logistics in the Northeast Asia in the 21st century
  • To function as the hub-port along the trunk route of international container transportation.
  • To enhance its role as a transshipment port and gateway to the Northeast Asian economies
  • Construction of logistics complex where the functions of port and city are harmonized
  • Creation of pivotal space for information

Investment environment

  • Located along major trunk routes going to Europe and North America.
  • Abundance of feeder routes economically connecting to the locations of Japan and the Northeast China.
  • A solid foundation of continuous growth by securing well-planned port hinterland.
  • Land-Sea-Air transportation system by securing well-linked transportation facilities such as a hinterland road, railroad and Airport.
  • Dept of water(16~18m) good for handling mega ships

Busan New Port outline

  • Location : A northern part of Gadeok-island, Busan and a southeastern part of Jinhae-gu, Changwon-city
  • Project Period: 1995 ~ 2015
  • Project Contents: Container terminal with 30 berths(10.85 million TEU capacity), 1,071㏊with hinterland
  • Depth of water: 16 ~ 18m
  • Terminal Construction Plan
    Terminal Construction Plan
    Terminal Berth By Year
    2006 2009 2011 2013 2015
    North container terminal 13 6 7
    South container terminal 13 4 4 2
    West container terminal 17   17
    Multi-purpose Terminal 2   2
    Total 45 6 11 4 2 19

2-4(4berths) Hyundai,2-3(4berths)  BNCT,2-2(4berths) HPNT,Multipurpose 2 berths ,2-1(4berths) HJNC,1-1, 1-2(6berths) PNC,1-1(3berths) PNIT,UngdongDistrict1stphase(2,484 thousand ㎡)View larger images