Foreign Investment Procedures

Foreign investment procedures consist of the following: foreign investment notification, remittance of investment funds, registration of incorporation & business, and registration of foreign-invested company. The procedures applied to foreigners are basically the same as the ones applied to Koreans with the exception of two additional steps: foreign investment notification and registration of foreigninvested company. Where a foreign investor registers a privately-owned business, ‘registration of incorporation’ is not required.

  1. 외국인투자 신고(Invest KOREA(KOTRA), 외국환은행)

    Foreign investment notification
    (KOTRA, foreign exchange bank)

  2. 투자자금 송금(외국환은행, 세관휴대반입)

    Remittance of investment funds
    (foreign exchange bank, carried through customs)

  3. 법인설립 등기(법원 등기소).

    Registration of incorporation
    (court registry office)

  4. 법입설립신고 및 사업자 등록(본점소재지 관할세무서)

    Notification of incorporation and business registration
    (tax office, KOTRA)

  5. 납입자본금의 법인계좌 이체(외국환은행).

    Transfer of paid-in capitial to corporate account
    (foreign exchange bank)

  6. 외국인투자기업등록(최초 신고기관)

    Foreign-invested company notification
    (initially notified organization)

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