The Busan Jinhae Free Economic Zone (BJFEZ), located at the center of the Northeast Asian economy, is a global business hub that pursues a top corporate business environment.

Along with a new harbor that can process the world's fifth largest shipping volume and optimize an environment for development and investment, the BJFEZ has prospered against the background of the world's largest shipbuilding industry and the world's fifth largest automotive industry. With over 75% of domestic shipbuilding machinery manufacturers and 30% of the automotive parts companies located in the BJFEZ, the free economic zone has emerged as one of the top logistic and business hubs in the world.

Going forward, we will strive to make port logistics more efficient, foster the high-tech industry, develop a one-stop business process, and promote the leisure and resort industry. To that end, regulations will be reduced and supports will increase so that the BJFEZ authority can help our investors explore the bright future of Northeast Asia in the 21st century.

Thank you

Ha Sung-Cheol
Commissioner of Busan Jinhae Free Economic Zone Authority

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